World Chef tips, tricks and the best way to play


But with no pressure of getting out of bed, staff direction, health reviews, and bank loans?

Then you definitely’ll need World Chef: a light and breezy fine dining sim that enables you to build up a huge eatery by simply exploiting, waiting, and attempting to not look in any way the people that appear to be staring right at you constantly.

We’ve some top tips for the game to help you to get started.

The best way to play

The gameplay iteration in World Chef is not difficult to learn. Customers request a kind of food, sit down, and come into your restaurant.

It is possible to tap on their table to bring in some gold once the customer is fed – and the place will be filled by another customer. World Chef isn’t a game about rate even if you anticipate snappy service in real-life eateries. Customers will not leave – and food does not spoil, no matter how long you leave it.

Thus do not hurry: this is a game not crazy fretting, of quiet conviction. Have patience while using World Chef Hack to get free gold and gems.

Top Hints for World Chef

Do not squander your stone on speeding up things – they are better spent on , long-term improvements that are useful like additional slots on your cooking stations. If fixing or a meal is glowing white, that means it is nearly done and will not cost you anything to complete the cook. It’s possible for you to make individuals end eating free of chef hack and cheats

Keep a watch on the accomplishments window – for finishing them you will get items, for completing the lot and a large bonus.

There exists a limitation to how many cooked meals and ingredients it is possible to keep simultaneously, so do not overload yourself. Wait to see what customers need, and react. Or, you’ll be able to update your storage with stone.

Remember which you can cook various sorts of food at precisely the same cooking station. To take one example,, hamburger patties can drop onto steaks, and only some of the grills of the grillroom helper onto others.

The 5 Best Features of the Completely Revamped Google Plus

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Google has rolled out a brand new layout for Google Plus. It is a beautiful, immersive update and it comes with some really great new features. I definitely think that Google has taken a giant leap forward with all of these new changes.   Below are the 5 best features of this new Google Plus update.

1) Auto Hashtagging – My absolute favorite thing about the new layout is the auto hashtag feature. It makes it ridiculously easy to find new content and new people to follow. Here’s how it works.

Google is able to scan your posts and photos and automatically place the correct hashtag in the upper right hand corner of your post. When someone clicks on a hashtag, the post flips over and displays similar posts. You can then scroll through other posts on that topic without having to leave your stream. It is pure genius.

2) More Immersive Design – Google Plus has a new 3 column design that is attractive and easy to read. They have have gone to hidden menus that slide out from the side and top to give you more room for your content. It is also a dynamic design, so that if you make the window smaller, it will move to a double or single column layout. Don’t like the multi-columns? You have the option to change to a single column layout.

I’ll be honest that the new layout jarred me when I first saw it.  I thought, “Oh no, Timeline!”  The more I use it the more I really like it. I even switched to the single column to see if I would prefer that and switched back to the new view almost immediately.


3) The “New” button – This may seem a little a trivial thing, but I really like the “New” button Google added. I always hated when my stream continued to scroll as I read. It made me feel really rushed. I know Google Plus had a pause button, but for me, it just doesn’t work as well as this “New” button does. In this new design, your view stays stationary, but as new posts arrive, a blue button pops up with “New” in the corner of the screen. It shows a number count of the new posts that are waiting for you. When you are ready, you simply click the button and all of the new posts appear at once and the process starts over again. I really like how I can take my time and when I am ready for the new content, I just click the button.

4) Photo Highlights – I have always loved the Google Plus Auto Upload photo feature. I tend to go a little crazy with the camera and click shots of everything. When I get home, it’s such a chore to sort through all of the photos.

Google to the rescue! They have added a new section in Photos called “Highlights.”  Google uses some very cool technical wizardry to scan through all of your photos and pick out the best shots. It then hides shots that are blurry, overexposed, duplicates, etc, and leaves you with the cream of the crop. All of the rest of your photos are just a click away if you still want to look through them yourself. I checked several photos, and was very impressed with the choices that Google’s software had made. It sure will make it easier to post photos when I already have the 5 or 10 best shots waiting for me.


5) Photo Enhancement – Google isn’t just organizing your photos for you, it’s also making them look better with an Auto Enhance feature. As your photos are uploaded to Google Plus, Google works their magic on them. It corrects color, over exposure, applies noise reduction, takes out red eye, and even softens wrinkles. It does all of this automatically to make your photos look their best. If you go into your Photo section and click on a photo, you can see what the photo looked like before the enhancements. Just roll over the top left hand corner of the photo and you will see a button that says “enhanced.”  Clicking on the button and holding it down will change the photo to its original state. Release the mouse button and you can see the enhanced photo again. If you prefer the original photo, the revert button is right there.

These Auto Enhanced feature can be switched off on a global or individual photo level.

Honorable Mention goes to “Hangouts”

Google is merging their separate chat systems into 1 global chat program with the name “Hangouts.” As of right now only “Talk” and “Hangout Video Chat” has been merged. Google Messenger service is still a separate entity. According to a Google Plus post by Ben Eidelson:

People have been asking about how Messenger will be affected by Hangouts, the new communications product Google launched today. Hangouts replaces–and improves on the functionality of Messenger. We are working quickly to bring your Messenger conversation history into Hangouts. Until then we will continue to keep Messenger available for users in the Google+ mobile apps.

The ability to access my Google Messenger service was the one feature I have been asking for since back when they still called it Huddle. I will reserve judgment over the new chat system until I see how it operates with Google Messenger integration.

Have you checked out the new Google Plus and all of it’s new features. What do you think? Which new feature is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

Smart Watches are just dumb

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When I first heard about the Pebble Smart Watch, I didn’t pay too much attention. I was never a “watch guy” anyway, it’s just something else for me to lose. When I got my first cell phone, I retired watches all together because my phone had a clock on it.

But I keep seeing more and more headlines for Smart Watches. Now Apple and LG are rumored to be working on some and Samsung has confirmed they also have a Smart Watch on the way. When I saw Google may be entering into the Smart Watch fray, I decided I should finally find out what they are all about.

So what did I learn after all my research? Basically, a Smart Watch will sync to my smartphone via bluetooth and let me know the time, weather, email alerts, text messages, voicemails, or incoming phone calls. You can also use it to control your phone’s music player. You can can even have it access your phone’s GPS and get distance and speed data when running or riding your bike. There is the promise to be able to sync it to more apps in the future.


So basically, it’s a notification system for your smartphone, which already has a notification system. And because it has to be connected by bluetooth, I still always have to have my phone with me. I would have to carry both my cellphone and my smart watch on my run, so that my smart watch could give me the information that I would still have if I had only carried my cellphone.

This all comes with the ability to view the data on a small 1.26″ monochrome screen. My galaxy S3 has a 4.8″ HD screen. I don’t even like to try to do stuff on my buddy’s small 4″inch iPhone screen. Really, they remind of an sms pager, but I didn’t have to carry a 2nd device for my sms pager to work.

What does this kind of tiny redundancy cost? The Pebble Smart Watch can be pre-ordered for $150. $150 to save myself the trouble of removing my phone from my pocket and rotating my arm so that it’s palm up.

I guess this means I’m not a “smart watch guy” either.

If you have any compelling arguments for why somebody would need a smart watch, I would love to hear them in the comments below.

Sony’s Tokyo press conference announcements 

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Highlights of Sony press conference from Tokyo

“80 percent of PS3 consoles are connected to the internet. PS Network has 69 million accounts all over the world, with 1.4 billion content downloads.”

PlayStation Suite- For Android phones and tablets. “PlayStation Suite  has a new development framework for developing mobile-specific titles”. Sony will also launch the PlayStation store for Android devices. PS Suite is due out by the end of this year.PSP successor announced as the “Next Generation Portable”! 3G and wi-fi, dual analog sticks, front and back touchpads. 5 inch OLED High-res screen. Front and rear cameras.

illustration-of-a-press-conference-Stock-Vector-newsUses flash cards for game saves. It will be released this holiday season!!!Sony showed off some upcoming games including Killzone, Uncharted, Resistance, Little Big Planet, and an augmented reality fighting game titled “Reality Fighters”. Uncharted live demo: “in Uncharted, you can climb a rope by sliding your fingers up and down on the touch panel on the back of the system, and you can rotate the system to swing on vines.” You can use the touchscreen to select different parts of the cliff to climb up, instead of analog stick + button to progress.

You can  draw a line up a cliff and Nathan follows that route. Players can also use the gyro sensor for aiming.You can select options from the user interface using the touchscreen, analog sticks, or d-pad controls.A new game called Little Deviants was shown. Users can manipulate the environments using the touchpad.Live Area is the name of the main user interface. From here you can hop in and out of games, and check out your friends’ feeds.Next Generation Portable can track your location, and creates a map of where you have been. It can also show you which games are most popular in your area. The “NGP” contains the same gyro sensor and accelero-meter as the PlayStation Move.

The Next Generation Portable is compatible with the PlayStation Suite service.Third Party developers are also on board. Capcom is developing “Monster Hunter”. Sega and Tecmo Koei presented demos. The demos for Yakuza and Dynasty Warriors were both shown. Hideo Kojima from Konami showed off a Metal Gear Solid test video of ‘Old Snake’. Epic games also presented a game that is currently on the Android titled “Dungeon Defenders”. Activision will bring Call Of Duty.

So with Sony’s announcement of their new handheld system releasing this holiday, and the 3DS coming out this year also, it’s beginning to look like a great year for portable gaming. Which system best suits you.


Little Big Planet 2 by Playstation

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Best Experience with Little Big Planet

With only 1 week to go, the release date of January 18th is almost here! The first “Little Big Planet” captured peoples hearts’ when it showed off it’s cute characters, incredibly slick art style and graphics, mixed with the ability to create your own platform levels, and share them with other users in the game. It’s sequel “Little Big Planet 2″ is right around the corner and bringing you even more than you can imagine.

little big planet 2

So first things first. There is a story line to the single player game. It basically involves Sackboy after the first games’ adventure, and his life returning back to normal. Until an “inter-dimensional, hyper spatial, 1800 watt vacuum cleaner” known as “The Negativitron” appears in the sky. As The Negativitron is trying to capture Sackboy he is rescued by Larry Da Vinci. Who is the leader of a resistance group, trying to bring down The Negativitron. Sackboy is recruited and the adventure begins. No, I am not making any of this up! With the first game you could create your own levels. Essentially what Little Big Planet 2 is bringing to the table is the ability to create your own full games i.e.  Side scrolling vehicle based shooters, Missile Command type games, racing games. In the LBP2 beta someone recreated the PSN game Flower. The possibilities are endless. On top of that, the developers at ‘Media Molecule’ are giving users a set of cinematic tools in the game to be able to create their own music videos, short films, or an “entire movie”. There will also be a few new toys for Sackboy to play around with such as a grappling hook and bounce pads. The levels that users created in the first game will also be playable in Little Big Planet 2. With all of that content it seems like it will be extremely hard passing this experience up.

If you purchase the collectors edition you will receive:

There is a Little Big Planet 2 demo on the PSN, if you are still on the fence about this game. There are 3 of the 6 themed planets being shown each containing 1 level. The first is Da Vinci’s Hideout. Which contains the level “Tower of Whoop”. The object of this level is to make your way to the top of a tower while collecting score bubbles and stickers. This level shows off the new grappling hook and bounce pads. The next is Avalonia which contains the level “Avalons Advanced Armaments Academy”. Where you make your way through the futuristic looking level, while riding on three different cybernetic animals. The bunny is able to jump high and does a special slam attack. The puppy uses sonic waves to push objects in it’s way, and the Hamster. Who rolls, and has a speed boost that allows him to maneuver around the environment. The last is The Cosmos. This world contains the multiplayer game “Rocket Funland”. It is a 2 to 4 player single screen based shooter. Players use the right analog stick to aim, the right bumper fires missles, and the gravity is low, allowing for some high jumping. You will need at least 2 players to play “Rocket Funland”. You can start the game with 1, but you will be alone in the game jumping, and firing off rockets while the timer counts down. All in all I think Little Big Planet 2 is worth checking out because of its fun gameplay, incredibly deep creation tool set, and engaging community aspect.
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